Mold Testing, Pflugerville

At Mold Removal, Pflugerville, we provide exclusive Mold Testing Services for the assessment of the degree of the mold problem within your property. Before you commit to our full-fledged mold removal services, we want you to be completely sure of the causes leading to the inhabitation of spores.

Why Should You Hire Our Mold Testing and Inspection Services?


● Our mold and asbestos testing services start off with a thorough visual inspection of the infrastructure of your property. Our trained technicians begin by scrutinizing the areas that are exposed to moisture or poor ventilation.

● Our highly insulated equipment helps us to collect samples from the air and dampened areas. For comparative purposes, we collect sparingly varied samples from your internal and external environment to make sure we don’t leave a stone unturned.

● These samples are then taken to the lab where our technicians with mold inspection certifications run calibrated tests for prompt and absolute identification of spores. We believe that the results of our mold testing and inspection services will help us guide through the removal of a mold infestation in your home or workplace much more authentically than without. Furthermore, this will also help us to decide whether we should implement changes in the overall look of your property.

Looking for Mold Testing Near Me in Pflugerville?

Our mold testing services will help you decide whether you should opt for our mold removal services or an independent contractor for the prevention of future health consequences. Call us today to book an appointment with our specialized contractors today.

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