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Do you plan on exposing your board members to a boardroom equipped with black mold and its toxicity? Surely you’re not planning on getting sued for jeopardizing the health of your corporate colleagues, or are you?

What Do We Do as Commercial Odor Eliminators?

● We at Mold Removal, Pflugerville, aim to inspect your property for breeding grounds for mold infestation. Excessive moisture, faulty and leaking pipelines, or accumulation of precipitation can all promote a fair breeding ground for black mold and its spores.
● Before the mold influences its toxic effects on your colleagues, our highly expert commercial
water cleanup team will come with an authentic plan enlisting the cost of equipment required
for its mold remediation
● However, if your property requires immediate commercial water damage repair, we ensure you that our remodeling plans will not only be concise, but suggestive of highly necessary services.

At Mold Removal, our commercial odor eliminators provide you with the keen assurance that your workplace will soon be free of mold infestation and up to industrial standards. For details regarding our commercial water damage restoration services, give us a call and speak to a trained specialist or book an appointment for a meeting with the team.

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