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Are you afraid that mold will take up control of your life just as it has plagued your home? Are you tired of kayaking in your flooded basement or disgusted by the musty smells in your attic? Whether you’re sure or unsure about the lingering smells in your home and tired of breathing in toxic fumes from a certain mold infestation, then, you’ve come to the right place. We at Mold Removal, Pflugerville, are here to give in to your concerns regarding the mold on walls, water mitigation, and terrible smells lurking in your home. It’s time to get serious with your family’s health and safety, and what better reason is there to come and get a hold of us?

Who are We?

Are we Good Samaritans or Simply Over-Friendly, Over-Enthusiastic, and Beyond

Concerned for your Surroundings and Family?

We’ll let you figure this one out for yourself.

As the company’s name suggests, Mold Removal is a pioneer in mold testing, inspection, and elimination, and definitely one of its kind in the industry. Hailing from Pflugerville, Texas, we offer us mold removal services for the benefit of the town in the hope of one day eradicate the growth and invasion of mold in homes and workplaces for good.
At Mold Removal, our ultimate goal is to thoroughly inspect your residential and commercial property for the identification of breeding grounds for mold. We aim to encourage a healthy lifestyle, which is why our mold removal services particularly take care of the spread of black fungus or white mold through specialized and insulated equipment.

We also offer high scrutiny for the removal of smells through our vaporized odor eliminators. We understand the ordeal you have to go through during training a pet indoors. Our out pet stain removers help us to take care of the little problem, making sure you aren’t troubled with urine smells or stains anymore.
Our water mitigation experts hereby aim to motivate you to canoe or kayak in places where you can have fun! Your basement and attic are not the places where you should be canoeing in the first place!

Invite us over by opting for our water damage recovery services so that you can store your equipment in your basement and attic just like before!

Why Choose Us?

Because we care, but also truly because we are really good at what we do!

Don’t Believe Us?

At Mold Removal, we not only breed expert contractors who are exceptionally excellent at what they do but also train them to treat their customers with pride and utmost comfort. Our number one motto is to provide our customers with the best (similar to everyone you’ve perhaps, already met), but we have something extra that nobody has.

We don’t boast and have no room for poor performance or negligence!

At Mold Removal, we ensure that our trained specialists strive to tend to your problem as if it was their word against yours – which it actually is. Our contractors take pride in their work – our number one rule for reinforcing adequacy and supremacy at the same time.

We Hire Licensed Contractors

Are you afraid of hiring contractors that are unlicensed and unverified by the State? Well, so are we! Mold Removal prides in hiring licensed contractors so that their work is not only verified but also polished and approved. Whether we’re removing the mold infestation in your attic or tending to the aftereffects of the leakage in your basement, we will always be sure and honest about our work.

We are Extra Vigilant!

Once we enter your property, our noses pry for the identification of smells in addition to our highly specialized and insulated equipment. We ensure to offer inspection for your entire property so that we can target the source of mold invasion. We also offer prime mold testing services at our high-tech lab where our technicians run through the results amidst discussion and plan building.

Take a Look at Our Services

If it’s us who you’ll appoint, we guarantee we’ll never disappoint!

Mold Removal Services

Our mold removal services are complete with a visual inspection of your property with remediation processes that help us outline the areas where remodeling is required. Since mold is highly toxic, we wouldn’t want you to expose your family, especially toddlers, to the problematic effects of black fungus. Our team of mold removal contractors is specialized with extreme knowledge regarding the remediation process so that you wouldn’t have to do it alone.

Commercial Mold Remediation

We cannot think of exposing our clientele to a moldy room with toxic fumes and spores. So, why should you? If your workplace is infested with mold or has a couple of areas lingering with moldy smell, we prompt you to call us immediately so that it can be taken care of. We understand how difficult it is to think of hiring a remodeler, especially if there is nothing that can be done about the mold invasion. Our commercial mold remediation services explicitly deal with us handling your workplace for the elimination of mold with minimum remodeling or rebuilding costs.

Mold Testing and Inspection

If you want to know the extent of a mold infestation in your residential or commercial property without opting for mold removal services initially, then we have just the service for you. Our mold testing and inspection services have certain criteria to ensure optimum air quality. The samples are collected to ensure safety and to highlight whether the air you’re breathing comprises of mold spores and asbestos or not.

Odor Removal

Even if you scrub and rinse the floor of your attic regularly, there might still be moisture that causes mold to breed. While your efforts at maintenance and hygiene should be appreciated, we think your property can benefit more with our odor removal services. Our odor removal contractors also deal with smoke odor elimination provided you smoke indoors and thorough inspection for pet odor removal if you have any pet animals living with you. From eliminating musty smells from your property or vehicle with our basement or car odor eliminator, we assure you of timely delivery of our state-of-the-art odor removal services.

Water and Storm Damage Restoration

What if your house gets affected by the rain and the floods or worse yet, faulty pipelines? Are you ready to take the plunge in the aftereffects of a gruesome flood, such as storm damage? If not, we at Mold Removal, Pflugerville, take the liberty of providing you with the best storm damage restoration services so that you can worry a little less.

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